Welcome to Chatterpie Kitchen

My name is Lori and I love cooking. If we all have some sort of superpower, I think mine must be the ability to know how something will taste by reading the recipe. Not so different from reading music, I think. A bit of talent but more importantly, practice. 

I have been playing in the kitchen since I was about 9 years old and making regular meals since I was 13. That's a lot of practice! I am always searching for yet another good recipe and I love to share them. My favourite recipes are those that are more than the sum of their parts - simple ingredients that together make something wonderful. That's why I started this blog.

Chatterpie Kitchen is named for a little piece of one of our best-loved storybooks, The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup by Terry Farish. The old man and his cat lived on a road called Chatterpie; and I am usually a quiet introvert unless I am talking about food, in which case I have much to say!

Mr. Chatterpie and I have four lovely children who range in age from 9 down to 2. They are (usually) happy to try something new at the supper table, or in their lunches and especially for dessert.

Welcome to Chatterpie Kitchen and enjoy the recipes!


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