Secret Ingredient Sandwich

A few years ago, I had an unreasonable obsession with Safeway's Turkey and Havarti Paninis. To the point where I would plan errands around getting one. While waiting for my fix sandwich one day, I asked the girl working in the deli what made them so good. Her answer was "garlic sauce", followed by "sorry, but we don't sell it" to nearly break my heart. However, if it is a recipe puzzle I will find the answer.

Shortly thereafter I was making a salad with  Caesar salad dressing from Superstore. I wondered if it would work in the panini and YES, it was delicious! All you need is a very thin layer to give the sandwich amazing flavour.

You will need:

2 slices of bread
a slice of Havarti cheese
deli turkey or leftover chicken
Caesar salad dressing

Spread a thin layer of Caesar salad dressing on both slices of bread. Place cheese and chicken/turkey on sandwich. Put together. Do we really need instructions to make grilled cheese?!?

I grill mine in a panini pan to get the pretty ridges. 

Oh yummy!

The bread is Canadian Rye Bread by Natural Bakery from Winnipeg


  1. I LOVE those sandwiches at Safeway! I too have become obsessed with them YUM!


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