Smores for Grown-ups

Confession: I have never been a smores fan. We never had them as kids and when I tried them as a grownup I found them too messy and overly sweet. Our kids love them and when I was collecting the ingredients to make them one evening, I noticed a box of Girl Guide Chocolatey Mint cookies. I usually buy several boxes in the fall and freeze them for later. Hmmm, this seems like something worth using the saved cookies for!

This hardly even qualifies as a recipe but it really deserves to be shared. Make a campfire. Toast a marshmallow. Place it on a Chocolatey Mint cookie (Girls Scout Thin Mint cookie in the US). Top with another one if you aren't rationing your stash of cookies! Enjoy!

 Smores for grownups. Hand model: seven-year old with grubby paws. All part of the campfire experience!

If you haven't hoarded any thin mint/chocolatey mint cookies, King Arthur Flour has a recipe for some cookies that will probably do the trick. I haven't tried this recipe but it's King Arthur so I'm sure they will be delicious.


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