Turkey, Ham and Havarti Pressed Sandwich

Early this summer I saw a pin on Pinterest for Pressed Picnic Sandwiches. Oh, it looked delicious and it was! I made one with a variety of Italian meats including spicy salami for Number One Son, my dad and myself. We were planning a day trip to Kaslo and Ainsworth and the other kidlets and my mom needed some sandwiches too, but without the heat, so this is what I invented.

Smoked turkey, ham and Havarti are always first choice in their sandwiches. In Denmark I learned about the affinity that green bell pepper has for mild cheese so I added some thinly sliced peppers. More green is always good so very sturdy lettuce (like the long-suffering romaine in my neglected garden) or spinach can be stuffed in too. If your customers have an aversion to green, the veggies can be omitted. Caesar or ranch dressing are great choices to slather on the bread before you start layering the meats, cheese and veggies.

You will need:

a loaf of bread (French or ciabatta)
Caesar or ranch dressing
deli ham and turkey
Havarti cheese
thinly sliced green pepper
spinach or romaine

For this sandwich I used a loaf of French bread, cut in half, then cut lengthwise. I scooped out some of the bread to make room for the filling.

I wrapped them very tightly in plastic wrap, then weighed them down with a 6-pack of Pellegrino Pompelmo overnight.

Unlike most sandwiches, these ones improve with age, making them an excellent choice to make ahead. Great for picnics, day trips or even school lunches.


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