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Project 365

What is Project 365? Project 365 is taking a photo every day (ideally!) for a year. However, this is YOUR project so find a schedule that works for you. Maybe you grab your camera on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and another weekday. Or you use your phone since you always have it! Why would you want to commit to taking a picture every day? Lots of reasons! You might want to learn how to use that new DSLR you just got. I started so I could improve my photography skills with a new lens I got for Christmas. That lens was the Canon 50mm f1.4 and it's still my favourite. I became very conscious of light and how it affects your photos, I discovered the types of photos I most enjoy capturing, but also learned some very cool techniques to get photos I had admired . It's interesting to see how your life changes over a year, especially if you are working on home improvement projects or you have new pets or young children. And you will have no shortage of material to make a photob

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